So with thanks to the wonders of technology I am able to “remember” all the books I read last year …. yeah!

Probably won’t manage much of a review but we shall see.

Dying Light (Logan McRae, Book 2), Stuart MacBride

He did it again!

Name changes, vomit worthy scenes, additional backstory that I want to read, stupid, stupid bad guys.

Bottleneck (DC Scott Cullen Crime Series Book 5), Ed James

Police Scotland comes into existence in the middle of a case and everything goes wrong……lol. If that had really happened Police Scotland would have been split up immediately! I enjoyed the travelling around Scotland looking for suspects and witnesses and the references to the underground parts of Edinburgh, it got me doing research and stuff.

Cold Granite (Logan McRae, Book 1), Stuart MacBride

I enjoyed it even though I felt as if I had missed something with a very clear back story in place which I would have liked to read. It is set in the city in which I grew up and I giggled over the street names that had been changed ever so slightly, I assume so as not to offend. I mean who wants a fictional murder or murderer associated with where you live, when where you live is perfectly lovely? I also am amused by the moving of a bar I know well so it can be next door to the police headquarters. That aside I found it thoroughly gripping and vomit inducing. My imagination was on overdrive through out.

Realistic Weight Control: The Healthy Guide to Weight Loss, Jan de Vries

Wise advice from a talented, kind, unassuming and lovely man who looked after many thousands of people, including, myself, he will be missed by everyone whose life he touched.

Dyed in the Wool (DC Scott Cullen Crime Series Book 4), Ed James

Set in Edinburgh with one of those characters who keeps things to himself because he doesn’t trust his superiors and promptly gets in to life threatening danger. Loads of references to places I know as the character is from Angus and supports Aberdeen FC which I find weird because most folk I know here don’t. I like how you don’t quite guess the culprit until the end and I enjoyed the can of worms it opened.

10th Anniversary, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

James Patterson + Maxine Paetro + Woman’s Murder Club = BRILLIANT

Keeping the Dead, Tess Gerritsen

Being a huge fan of Rizzoli and Isles I was thrilled to find these books. I love TV series derived from books but I always prefer the books and this true to my perception, love, love, loved it. Thank you.

Books for the Kid

World Menace Day, Butler, Steven
Spy Cat: Blackout (Spy Cat 2), Cope, Andrew
Marvel 3D Comic Sticker Book
Beano Annual 2015 (Annuals 2015)

I know he enjoyed reading them.