So at first glance it appears that I read prolifically through out 2014, still not near the goal of 50. I suspect I haven’t ready many of the classics on this list this year, but being Scottish, I must take advantage of free books, thank you Kindle. I think I read 19 of these. If I have written nothing it is no reflection on the author. It’s just me, its been two years since I read these and even my memory isn’t that good.

Containment (Children of Occam Book 1), Christian Cantrell

Teen fiction, I really liked this one.

Mortal Crimes: 7 Novels of Suspense (The Mortal Crimes Collection Book 1), J Carson Black, Melissa F Miller, M A Comley, Carol Davis Luce, Michael Wallace, Brett Battles, Robert Gregory Browne

I read all but one of these (I have forgotten which one i missed) I enjoyed them it’s always good to read new authors.

Bones of the Lost: (Temperance Brennan 16), Kathy Reichs

Kathy Reichs is awesome!

Kickback (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series Book 3), Damien Boyd
Fire in the Blood (DC Scott Cullen Crime Series Book 3), Ed James
Head In The Sand (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series Book 2), Damien Boyd
Blindsided (A Thriller), Jay Giles
Devil in the Detail (DC Scott Cullen Crime Series Book 2), Ed James
Les Misérables (English language), Victor Hugo

Shift: A Virals Short Story (Virals series), Kathy Reichs
Bones In Her Pocket (Temperance Brennan Short Story), Kathy Reichs
Flash and Bones: (Temperance Brennan 14), Kathy Reichs

Are you seeing an pattern developing?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn Series Book 1), Mark Twain

I read this as a child, must reread soon.

A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens

I got two pages in and got distracted sorry, I will read it one day, promise


Heidi, Johanna Spyri

I have read this more than once and I love it so much I have not read it recently but it may feature on a future list.

Moby Dick: or, the White Whale, Herman Melville
The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve not read these yet.

Ghost in the Machine: A serial killer detective thriller (DC Scott Cullen Crime Series Book 1), Ed James

Another new author, Edinburgh, Murder, Police procedural I like it.

As The Crow Flies (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series Book 1), Damien Boyd

I just discovered Damien Boyd what a brilliant author, I loved this.

Overcoming Mood Swings, Scott, Jan

Couldn’t be bothered to read this, just saying.