2012 – In Progress

  1. Stalking the Angel by Robert Crais

2012 – Waiting List

  1. Theodore Boone by John Grisham
  2. The Confession by John Grisham
  3. Vanity Fair by William Makepease Thackery
  4. Audrey – Her Real Story by Alexander Walker
  5. Seizure – Kathy Reichs
  6. Flash and Bones – Kathy Reichs
  7. Smokin’ Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

2012 – Read

  1. The Virals – Kathy Reichs
  2. Crescent Dawn – Clive Cussler

11 April 2012

Hmm it appears I did not meet last years target after all, not much cracking done then.  Maybe it was too ambitious and because of my haze I have not been keeping track of my reading for the last few months the titles above where good and as expected from the respective authors.

Virals – Kathy Reichs

Initially I was disappointed when I realised that this story was aimed at teens and had nothing to do with Tempe but to my relief it was a fantastic book which I found very hard to put down, it took me back to my childhood when we would disappear into the woods near our home, even though we were told not to, my bad, but what fun we had exploring, now we never found any virus ridden wolves that turned us into super human virals, but I totally get the suspense filled moments when you almost get caught, my inner child has been reawakened – it never really went to sleep though 😉 – so I have bought the next book in the series and look forward to Seizure.

Crescent Dawn – Clive & Dirk Cussler

Dirk Pitt – I do not need to say much about this, gorgeous antique cars, NUMA, underwater action, action on deck and action on land and engaging story.  I love these books and I give joint credit to Clive Cussler for rekindling my love of books, Sir I doff my cap. 🙂


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