Day 24 – Favourite Blogs – November Blog Challenge

So I am will admit my favourite blogs haven’t changed that much since last year so in no particular order…

The lovely Alexandra Beuter I still enjoy watching her YouTube channel regularly she has recently become a new mum and has plenty of motivational, home decor and cleaning videos plus home decor and clothing hauls and plenty of new mum content featuring her adorable son and her blog is

  • I am also still a fan of Rachelleea she recently moved from Australia to Canada and has launched a new website Highest Habits it is for motivating you to get into the best habits this is also where her blog now lives. I also found her through YouTube.
  • I still adore Catt Sadler’s website but I would never call her a blogger as she is a bonafide journalist with great content and amazing interviews she sends out a weekly email which feels very personal. Catt also has a great podcast called Naked with Catt Sadler where she interviews amazing and interesting women who are inspirational and the range of fields these women work in is phenomenal you will find her podcast on Stitcher or Apple Podcasts.  Catt also has a great Instagram presence too @iamcattsadler & @theCATTWALK
  • More recently I have discovered New Lune she follows me which is how I found her.  She covers the four main topics Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion and Blogging Tips the latter of which I find so helpful.  She is a talented designer and provides some interesting freebies on her site.  I also enjoy the fact her blog is bi-lingual my French is rusty but it makes me smile, maybe I will follow suit one day and do mine in English and Gaelic one day/
  • Thanks for the inspiration everyone!


    catch you later


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