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November Blog Challenge – What’s in My Bag

Well this changes daily so let’s see.

Meet my bag.  It is older than my son, I actually got it as freebie from Elle Magazine a million years ago it is a wee bit tired but I love it and it has lasted much longer than many of my more expensive bags which I purchased back when I had money.  It also has a wee hook for keys in it which is really useful never loose those keys in the bottom of the bag.

So this is it! Not much in there and definitely not glamorous.

My mobile phone and charger because I forgot to charge my phone last night.

Lease agreement for today’s hire car as mine is in for a service today along with the fancy shmancy key that goes with it.

Plenty of keys.

My hairbrush the one and only beauty item I carry most of the time, I am actually surprised that there isn’t lipstick of some type not that I wear that much but normally there is one floating about.

My foxy purse a gift from my lovely mum. I love it and I am constantly complimented on it at the tills. It is sweet.

catch you later


Updated: 19:11 Actually not really sure it was a freebie after all hmm I just remembered the other free Elle Bag I got and it wasn’t as cool as this one…hmm maybe I bought it! Still love it though!


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