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November Blog Challenge – Pet Peaves 

Now this could go on for awhile 

The Samsung Keyboard

Oh I can’t tell you how annoying it is! It auto corrects mid word splitting the word in two and going so far off what you are trying to say I have to start again. I can’t touch type for the fear of my work having to be completely rewritten. I have put up with it for some months now but I had to give up on it. This blog challenge was the last straw. So, I have changed to the Google Keyboard what a relief to have predictive text that gets what I am trying to say.

Country Drivers

I don’t mean Sunday Drivers they are annoying enough and I am not claiming to be the perfect driver. I am talking about the ones who drive at 40 miles an hour regardless of the road conditions, time of day, or where they are.  They are the kind of driver that will continue to do 40 in town or near a school, they are dangerous and they make other drivers dangerous.  Nope don’t get it.

Folding the Corner of Pages in a Book

No, no, no! 

If you need to keep your place use a bookmark, use an envelope, use a receipt! Do not damage a book. Honestly, if I could read a book without damaging the spine I would, trust me I have tried!

I don’t like marking books either, the only exception is text books of course, but even then I don’t fold the corners of the pages.

I love books, there is nothing better than a bookshelf full of alphabetically organised books with pristine pages and spines which I why I prefer hardback to paperback, shame my budget doesn’t.😏

catch you later



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