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November Blog Challenge – Ways to Win my Heart

Hmm ways to win my heart now this one is hard because this can change daily.  Do I write a list? Do I elaborate? Do I even know how someone could win my heart? Does that someone have to my significant other?

Genuinely like my kid but then that is a no brainer.  Make me laugh.  Cope with my family because I am them.  Let me drive and stay quiet.  Feed me.  Listen to me but don’t try and fix it unless I specifically ask you too. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Revel in the little things.

You are somewhat disadvantaged because you are not one of the adorable kids in my life and they have my heart and they are getting to keep it.

They love me unconditionally, smile when they see me, love a cuddle, and squeal with delight when we play together. Because with children there is no malice just love and that makes life sweet and easy.

Catch you later





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