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November Blog Challenge – My Favourite Quote

I have really thought hard about this I went through the usual suspects first up I thought George W. Bush he was always good for a laugh, but no. Then I researched a couple of websites that are dedicated to quotes, but no.

I was getting worried I might not come up with a good quote that I like and try to live up to, but no, I don’t live that way. So I logged on to write about my failure to come up with one.

I was then all of a sudden struck by one

My brother used to come out with real gems as child and on rare occasions he still does. When he was quite young he came across the quote “practice makes perfect” but being a realistic young lad he couldn’t reconcile himself to believe it fully, as we are all imperfect human beings and incapable of perfection, so he changed it! 

Practice Make Progress – M. C. Methven 

Surprisingly, his often dismissive older sister (me) was so astounded by his genius I still use his 30 year old quote, today. I am often heard saying this to my son to encourage hard work in the face of a pre-teens defeatist can’t do attitude and it works because it is true!

Catch you later



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