November Blog Challenge in Review

So this month I completed the November Blog Challenge which I had actually started two years ago, I am pleased that I have finally finished it. It actually came into its own really this year.  I was struggling a bit with my new workload and the rigours of university life it had been a culture shock that no amount of forethought had prepared me for.

Refocusing on blogging has been refreshing and life changing, it has allowed me to get back to why I started blogging in the first place.  It is and always has been my way of processing my life helping me focus and cope better.  The terms brain dump or stream of conscience come to mind.

The joy of the November blog challenge is that the topics make you stop and think, some where so easy and then others stumped me.  I may not have written in depth essays but even the shortest of posts have been of help to me, maybe you enjoyed them or not and that is fine.  I now have a long list of blogs which I will be embarking on over the next wee while.

It made me consider and dismiss embarking on a vlog as much as I enjoy watching others on YouTube I have no need to go down that road.  Writing is where I am happiest and this challenge allowed me to think on things other than my own neurosis which is never a bad thing.




November Blog Challenge Day 30 – Why I Blog

I have many reasons for blogging.

The main one is to get out! I think it is called a brain dump these days.

I do internalise a lot of my stuff which is so toxic to me and contributes to my depression. So I took up blogging around seven years ago as a way to reorganise my thoughts and get them out of me in the hopes of being able to move forward. I hadn’t written anything for two years but found myself being busy in life but I also was swimming through a quagmire of depression and self loathing and had no real focus despite having decided to apply for University and getting in!

So I had a series of events culminate during the start of this month that resulted in a health scare, more about that another time, but thanks to this blog and the advise I received, I realised that I can’t do everything but I can do a lot!

I now have a plan and time to achieve my goals.  I am looking forward rather than back and I am able to focus on what is truly important to me and my family.  I am not sure that I will ever be 100% free of my depression but I won’t give up trying.

I also realised that this could become an income source but I am not sure I want to do that so I am working out what is best for me and how to get more readers without paying a fortune, I would prefer a natural build up of readers so we will see.

catch you later



November Blog Challenge Day 28 – Places I’ve Travelled.

I haven’t travelled as extensively as I would like. Most of my travel was with my parents, especially the cool places, but I am going to list as many as I can remember.

  • Scotland
    • Edinburgh
    • Glasgow
    • Dunfermline
    • Oban
    • Lewis
    • Inverness
    • Loch Ness
    • Loch Lomond
    • Lewis & Harris
    • Glenrothes
    • Loch Carron
    • Stirling
    • Portsoy
    • Arbroath
    • Oldmeldrum
    • Fetterangus
  • Northern Ireland
    • Somewhere in County Fermanagh
  •  England
    • Kendal
    • Carlisle
    • North Shields
    • Scarborough
    • Torbay
    • Durham
    • Poole
    • Eastbourne
    • Kirkby Lonsdale
    • Appleby-on-Westmoreland
    • Chester
    • Manchester
    • Leeds
    • York
    • Maldon
    • Shaldon
    • Wolverhampton
    • Stoke-on-Trent
    • Buxton
    • Sherwood Forest
  • Wales
    • Higher Kinnerton
    • Wrexham
    • Prestatyn
    • Snowden
    • Bangor
    • Cardiff
  • Europe
    • L’Estartit, Spain
    • Palma, Mallorca
    • Playa de las Americas, Tenerife
    • The Hague, Netherlands
    • Lisbon, Portugal
  • The Rest of the World
    • Bungendore, NSW, Australia
    • Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia
    • Canberra, ACT, Australia
    • Sydney, NSW, Australia
    • Perth, WA, Australia
    • Fremantle, WA, Australia
    • Orlando, FL, US
    • Tampa, FL, US
    • Canoga Park, San Fernando Valley, CA, US
    • Long Beach, CA, US
    • Falls City, NE, US

I was shocked how long this list was after all, yet I still don’t feel well travelled. That is weird, however, it may have a lot to do with the fact that the last foreign trip was in 2011 and before that it in 2002.  As I mentioned before most of these trips have been with and to family and friends I am so grateful for these opportunities. Thank you,

catch you later


November Blog Challenge Day 27 – What I look forward to

  1. Meeting Carolyn and Candice!
  2. Getting over myself.
  3. Coming home, staying warm and reading a book.
  4. Visiting family.
  5. Summer.
  6. Finishing anything.
  7. Budgeting properly.
  8. Saving something.
  9. Going back to the US.
  10. Coffee.

November Blog Challenge Day 25 – Old Photo of me


There you go a nice simple one for today.

catch you later


November Blog Challenge Day 24 – Favourite Blogs

Is it bad that I don’t read many blogs?

I have a good friend who along with her cousin wrote a really good blog for a while which I follow and enjoyed but she has stopped writing it for now, but you can find it here.

I do enjoy Alexandra Beuter I watch her YouTube channel regularly she has taken us through their home remodel and does style, cleaning, motivational and haul videos. She is lovely and has a nice way with her and she has a blog @ I have recently subscribed to it and look forward to reading more.

I am also a fan of Rachelleea her blog is mostly beauty and fashion I also found her through YouTube where she does organisational, motivational and cleaning videos, I really enjoy them too and try to watch them as soon as she posts.

So I would say these are my top three bloggers who I highly recommend, I do follow other bloggers but I don’t read them as often as I could, maybe if I redo this blog challenge next year my choices will change?!

I do adore Catt Sadler’s website but I would never call her a blogger as she is a bona fide journalist with great content and amazing interviews.  She also has taken a bold stand on the wage gap which I admire her for so much. We are similar and very different that is what makes her so interesting to me. She also has a great Instagram presence too @iamcattsadler & @theCATTWALK


catch you later


November Blog Challenge Day 19 – Difficult Time in my life

There where a series of events which happened shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my darling son, that were so devastating to me I rarely spoke of them then and still don’t talk of them now.  It was hard because I found myself alone and 100% broke with no food in the cupboard and just as suddenly I wasn’t.  I learned a lot from that period and will never allow that to happen to me again.  I have decided not to elaborate on this time because sometimes looking back is more damaging than looking forward and I choose to look and move forward.